Newly-approved ‘Club Bash’: Clean Fun or Pure Trouble?

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 2.48.43 PMIn a month or so, your 13-year-old daughter might be asking for permission to go to a dance party at a new place called “Club Bash”, located here in Washington Township. The zoning board just gave approval on October 7th for such a forum, which will cater to kids aged 12-18.

So, as a parents, be prepared for the new Washington Township teen club question.

Club Bash is proposed to also include arcade games, a food center, lounge and social center and, of course, a large dance floor. The dance events will be open on Friday and Saturday nights. Separate club dance nights will segregate 12 and 13-year old dancers from the older teens.

For many parents and some zoning board members, the Club Bash application brought back bad memories of Club Extreme, where the underaged club brought teens in from Philadelphia and Camden County. Club Extreme also brought noise, traffic issues and police issues.

Club Bash partners cite their law enforcement background and their intended policy of excluding out-of-town kids as the difference between the two dance clubs.

The dance hall and social center will be located in a portion of the old Gloucester County Health Department building on Fries Mill Road. The center will also be available for other community events such as local fundraisers and special events.

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  1. I would like to thank your recent publication, on our proposed kids recreation center in Washington Township. As a proud resident of Washington Twp for approx. 12 years, with children of my own, I would like to keep the community informed and updated on our progress. The name of our recreation center is called “BASH” and is located on Fries Mill Road. Realizing, the problems with past, similar endeavors, we have taken many steps to avoid disruptive behavior and unfortunate complaints, which drain the resources of our police department. Security and safety of our children is paramount. I believe the main problem with past teen clubs was the lack of experience and knowledge in dealing with kids. This being said, we are enforcing a resident membership policy, which requires patrons to be residents of Washington Twp to attend. Again, we are not attempting to exclude other towns but realize the sensative nature of school rivalries, which sometimes produce tempered emotions. We also, would like to let residents know that we have many other amenities such as; hosting social nights, fundraisers, community and special events. We don’t want to forget our younger kids, so we will host special events such as; ice cream socials and dances for younger age groups as well. We want to ensure our residents, that we will take an active part in our community and plan on having a lasting relationship with the children of Washington Township.

    Thank you,
    Kenny Franco

    • Nina Calhoun says:

      My boys are bored with bowling and movie trips, and dont attend school dances. I’d rather they have somewhere to go locally which gets them off the computer & video games, so I wish your business muchsuccess.

    • Thank you everyone for their comments. Appreciate the fact that people care enough to post – to say what they think. Good, bad or otherwise, community dialogue is healthy !!

  2. This place has No shot at making it long term,,,, Even copying the last teen clubs formats, there will be No differences,,,, The article is a mess, stating that the other club had Noise Issues ( on route 42?), traffic issues ( from teens that do not drive?) and Police issues ( they hired them each night),,,, To say they are only keeping it to township kids will only work for a few weeks, when they stop coming,,,,,,, Bad article,,,More news to follow……..

  3. Frank Gurcsik says:

    too much experience w/ the old club that was behind Wendy’s… I’m sure the club owners’ intentions are good but our son won’t be attending.

  4. Nina Calhoun says:

    As a mother of 2 in orchard valley I will give them the benefit of the doubt and allow my boys to go. I want them to decide if it’s worth it. How can you say ‘my kids’ aren’t attending? prejudging? and I found this statement which says it all on the TownshipTalk facebook page: Club Bash will be hosting an Open House so that parents, teenagers and residents will be informed of all of their scheduled activities. Informing the community of new business is one thing, but shooting them in the foot and creating fear before their doors even open isn’t fair, especially by a current business administrator. Let time be the judge of whether they fail or succeed.

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