Zoning History

The Washington Township Trustee established the first Township Zoning Board on May 10, 1956 and charged the board to establish a set of zoning regulations for the township. The Zoning Board completed their task and the Trustees filed the Zoning Resolution with the election board on August 31, 1956. The electorate voted and passed the first zoning resolution on November 6, 1956.

The Zoning Resolution took effect on January 1, 1957. The Zoning Resolution was amended on December 21, 1971 and November 27, 1979.

In 1996 the Zoning Board, Zoning Appeals Board and an Ad Hoc Committee was formed to do a compressive amendment of the Zoning Resolution. The amended resolution took effect on October 11, 1997. There have been seven amendments to the Zoning Resolution; the last was April 1, 2010.

There have been nine Zoning Inspectors for the township since zoning was passed in 1956. Past Inspectors are listed HERE